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Camp Hill in Yorkshire offer outdoor activities & residential facilities to schools of all age groups & abilities. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our happy customers have to say:

Mr Greenwood, The Dales School, Northallerton - A co-educational special school
"The Camp Hill Estate has been an ideal location for the Sixth Form students of the Dales School to learn new skills, build confidence, problem solve and develop their ability to work on tasks, both independently and cooperatively in an outdoor environment. The Dales School is specifically for children and young people with severe, moderate, profound and multiple learning disabilities, all of which were acknowledged and catered for while at Camp Hill. We found that the facilities, access to activities and the welcoming and inclusive attitude towards all of our students made for an ideal setting for our lessons.
While visiting Camp Hill over a 12-week period, our students took part in a variety of outdoor educational lessons incorporating bushcraft, shelter building, campfire cooking, mini-beast searches, trail walks and team building activities. The lessons were facilitated in the natural woodland surroundings of the estate, providing a fun, pleasant and safe learning environment for the students to work. The 'Woodland Kingdom' especially was a productive location to facilitate the teaching of the students allowing them to work on lesson tasks and activities while finding their own personal space in the park, enhancing the overall level of learning which took place.
The Camp Hill Estate has been a wonderful location to lead lessons and I would strongly recommend the site to other school groups who would like their students to take part in outdoor educational and team building sessions."

Mr Waugh, Huntcliff Secondary School, Lincolnshire
"We had two clear objectives that we wanted to achieve over our two day visit to Camp Hill. Firstly, we wanted our students to experience outdoor adventure activities that they hadn’t done before. Secondly, we wanted our students to stay over for a night; which for some may be the first time they have stayed away from their parents. We wanted this to further strengthen the bonds whey had with students in the year group and also attempt the level of maturity within the students by looking after themselves and their environment over the two days.
Camp Hill were extremely organised and accommodating, both before and during the two day visit. They were flexible in the way they organised the activities, provided the food and set up the sleeping arrangements to best suit our needs. The range or activities available at camp will was extensive and we were able to discuss the activities that would best suit our needs and price range.
Both myself and the other staff members were overwhelmed by the success of the trip in terms of the amount of high quality activities that we were able to conduct over the two days, the quality of the food, also providing for a number of allergies that we had in our group and most importantly the enjoyment that the students experienced over the two days. We feel that it will be one of those trips that they will remember throughout their school life and beyond."

Ms Hughes, St Thomas CofE Primary School, Huddersfield
"This was our second visit to Camp Hill, the first visit was a few years ago, but every year we evaluate our trips and feedback from the staff and children showed that Camp Hill was one of the best trips by far our school had taken part in, it was because of this we decided to do it again.
From the friendliness of staff to the organisation of the day everything was brilliant. The bit of rain we endured did nothing to dampen our spirits as the activities were such good fun! It was so good to see the children conquering their fears and attempting the climbing wall, many of which climbed to the very top, most of the activities were based around team building which was so beneficial as they were all mixed age and ability. It gave the children an opportunity to be a leader, a coach, a team mate and most of all to just have some good fun."

Lee Hill, Vice Principal, Gilberdyke Primary School, Leeds
'All our the Gilberdyke staff were blown away by the facilities and activities. Everything was engaging and suited to the diverse needs of our children. The Camp Hill Estate staff were incredible! They adapted activities to the changing needs of the children, made the residential a truly fun and enjoyable experience for all. They went above and beyond to ensure that we had a great time.
Accommodation was superb: clean, tidy, gave an air of seclusion whilst still providing confidence in the children's safety at all times. The catering staff met the needs of the children perfectly - providing excellent meals throughout the stay and supporting the needs of our children. What an amazing Year 6 residential. Having been to several different venues within the UK and Europe, The Camp Hill Estate lived up to detailed and well informed website. The activities were perfectly matched to the needs of our children and challenged them in a safe, nurturing environment. The staff (both activities and catering) went above and beyond what was expected of them to ensure that all of the children had a wonderful experience that will provide them with memories that will last a life time. We would whole heartedly recommend The Camp Hill Estate to any school looking for the most amazing residential experience."