COVID-19 message

The Adventure Park is now closed to all day visitors this includes the quad bike trails, segway treks, high ropes course, footgolf course and the play area.

For day visitors looking to head to North Yorkshire, we would recommend Thorp Perrow Arboretum only a couple of miles down the road from Camp Hill. The Arboretum offers stunning grounds, play area, birds of prey centre and a team room - open daily 10am till 5pm.

Camp Hill & Camp Katur Glamping Guests staying on site can enjoy walking, running and biking trails around the grounds, still have the Woodland Kingdom park available and our Footgolf course is harder than ever. Above this, we have movie nights, created a walled kitchen garden and our Old Hay Barn Pub serving the best Yorkshire ale around.

*Please note facilities on site are for glamping guests only due to the current circumstances and monitoring people on/off onsite.

How to motivate your staff whilst they are working from home

How to motivate your staff whilst they are working from home

The way we work has changed in the last month, with the majority of companies moving out of the office and now working from home. Group zoom calls are becoming the norm, social media platforms are thriving and people are online more than ever. Working from home may be the norm for some but not for the majority, it is important for those in a leadership role to keep their workforce motivated and positive. Motivation and workplace morale are key to keeping productivity levels high in your business.

Here are some useful tips to motivate your employees:

  • Make your employees feel valued

When members of staff are working from home they don’t get that daily chat and check in. Send that extra email, pick up the phone and  make your staff feel valued. The recognition of their efforts is a great motivation booster.

  • Give them reassurance about their position in the business

Let your staff know the situation, what the future aims are and what this means for them. Times are uncertain at the moment so staff need reassurance of their role - less worrying means more time to focus on their work. 

  • Weekly Wins 

You may be out of the office but try to keep things the same office practices whilst adapting your new way of working. Weekly wins is a great strategy to acknowledge staff achievements, this will motivate your staff and serve as an extra level of communication. 

  • Work Plans

When you are not seeing your staff everyday, sometimes more direction is needed - work plans are a great way of doing this. Whether staff formulate their own plans or you provide one. Set targets, new goals and utilise time… work plans are a great motivation tool.

  • Be flexible with your working times

Everyone's homelife is different and can be hectic at times. Let your employees be flexible whilst working from home, it allows employees to accomplish more and be at their most productive. 

  • Encourage exercise

Exercise is known to increase concentration levels. As a leader you could encourage this with online workout sessions, lunchtime walks and their daily dose of exercise. Fox example, at Camp Hill we have a staff running club. We continue to do this during isolation through the app Strava. With higher concentration levels your work becomes more engaging. 

  • Communicate

Through weekly wins, zoom calls, facetime drinks, email updates and more to increase moral and motivation. 

  • Think about life after lockdown

Think ahead - when we return to the workplace how will you continue to reward, motivate and bring your team together? 

At Camp Hill, we are at the forefront of Corporate Team Away Days and Weekends with a wealth of experience of planning and managing corporate events. Companies have visited us from all over the UK for corporate team events, corporate festivals or a corporate milestone celebration event. Across our 300 acre country estate, we have 12 venues available to hire for corporate experiences as well as over 70 onsite outdoor activities focusing on team building, motivation, communication, personal development and of course fun! Camp Hill is a venue which allows companies to put their own stamp on their corporate event and achieve goals outside of the workplace. 

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