Half Term At Camp Hill
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Half Term At Camp Hill

The Busy Season Has Begun!

We can never predict what the weather is going to be like in February and so we at camp Hill can never predict how many activity bookings we will get during Half Term week. Even with the elements of Storm Doris blowing across the Estate all week, it has been fantastic to see so many of you getting outside and going on an Adventure with our Quad Bike and Segway Treks. We advertise our activities as being suitable for all weather conditions but not all people like to go out in all weather conditions. 

We have been nearly fully booked each day throughout Half Term apart from today (Thursday 23rd February) due to Storm Doris being at its worst and therefore putting off most people from even going outdoors! Moreover, the Woodland Kingdom has been full with families eating picnics and children playing all wrapped up in their coats and woollys. It just goes to show that you can have an outdoor adventure, no matter what the weather is doing and this is what we aim to prove to everyone who comes to the Adventure Park. With so many of you visiting this week, we just cannot wait to see how many more more of you come along as the weather improves. 

With so many of you booking onto the Quad Biking and Segways this week, it gives us an idea of how prepared we will need to be for the rest of the season. We will be working hard to ensure no one misses out on a Camp Hill Adventure as well as giving you the best possible experience that nowhere else can compare to. We will do this by ensuring we always have plenty of our fantastic instructors on hand and by making sure there are plenty of adventures to be had!

For those of you that have been along this week, we hope that little bit of Adventure you have experienced here at Camp Hill has made your Half Term memories that little bit more special! We are really looking forward to bringing more Adventures to everyone and welcoming more of you as we come into Spring and Summer 2017! As always, we want to promote that anyone can enjoy some outdoor fun at Camp Hill wehether it is having a picnic in the Woodland Kingdom, playing Footgolf or getting muddy on a Quad Trek. Thank You for choosing Camp Hill for your family adventures and we look forward to welcoming you again and again for many, many more!

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