North Yorkshire County Show Comes to Camp Hill
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North Yorkshire County Show Comes to Camp Hill

We are very excited to announce that we are the brand new venue!

That's right, this wonderful agricultural show which is famous across North Yorkshire will be making its way here! It will be the 39th time that the North Yorkshire County Show will be happening and we feel extremely honoured to become the new home of this fantastic event.

At Camp Hill, we have a very good understanding of the immense community effort which goes into planning such a big event and so we believe that with working alongside the County Show organisers, the volunteers and everyone else that will be involved, it's going to be something special that people from all over the region to enjoy.

It was only after a lot of negotiating that we were met the list of requirements that we needed as a new venue with an easily accessible spot and plenty of entrance gates for the amount of traffic that will be coming in and of the estate throughout the event.

After already holding plenty of our own events over the last twenty years, we already know what it's like to have thousands of visitors and heavy vehicles on our land during the summer months.We therefore believe The Camp Hill Estate will provide the perfect place for an important calendar event for local farming communities.

We understand that previous venue's have usually had a whole year to pull everything together but we of course only have seven months! Along with the help of the fabulous volunteers that get involved each year and the Camp Hill team, we are sure there will be enough hands on deck to do our biggest public event yet!

The North Yorkshire County Show always brings a huge boost to the surrounding economy and we will be doing everything in our power to ensure that happens. This is because we at Camp Hill are big believers in helping each other out and we are all about attracting more people to this beautiful part of the region that does not get as much attention as it probably should.

So as you can guess, we are extremely excited to be bring this wonderful event to you and we hope that you join us on the 18th June 2017 with your friends and family. With just seven months to go, we look forward to really getting this show on the road and we will be bringing you along for the ride. 2016 has already been a huge year for Camp Hill and 2017 is looking to be even bigger and we just can't wait for it all to begin and for you to all join in the fun with us!

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