Saying Goodbye to our Resident Athletes
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Saying Goodbye to our Resident Athletes

The Brazilian Bobsleigh Team make their way to the World Championships

It's always hard to say goodbye to both old friends and new friends when you know you might not see them for quite some time or even at all. Two months ago, Camp Hill made some new friends with World-Class athletes, the Brazilian Bobsleigh team and it has been a very exciting two months having them here training on the estate.This excitement was heightened even more when it brought a lot of media attention upon this little part of North Yorkshire (which none of us expected!) and so we were not only excited to have them here, we also really appreciated it.

The reason we appreciated having the team here with us was not only because they brightened up the place with their constant laughter and the amazing passion that they have for bobsleigh, it was also because they brought the sort of attention upon us that we haven't witnessed for years! The media attention we received with the Brazilian bobsleigh team coming here to train, really gave us the confidence that we can provide a truly unique experience for all kinds of people. These people can be families, corporate clients, stags and hens and even world-class athletes every now and then, which when you say it out loud, it makes us pretty cool!

Most people in North Yorkshire may not ever get to see an actual Bobsleigh team doing the sport in real-life and so it's safe to say that it's been pretty awesome having a REAL team here training for a such a huge competition in the world of bobsleigh. These guys could even make it to the Winter Olympics in 2018 which makes it even more exciting for those of us here in North Yorkshire who were able to witness them in their element. So of course we want to make the saying goodbye to these incredibly talented athletes as easy as possible and we have decided on a really great way to do this.

We will be following the Brazilian Bobsleigh Team for the next two years as we want to see how well they progress all the way up to the Winter Olympics. We will be doing this with both the website news feed and of course Social Media! We want to be there with them all of the way as we have been the at the start and being able to see them get from this rustic training facility here in North Yorkshire all the way to the Winter Olympics in Korea will just be incredible! So even though we will miss this wonderful team, we will not forget about them and we are going to be there to give them all of the support that they deserve!

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