ITV and BBC come to Camp Hill
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ITV and BBC come to Camp Hill

We have been the centre of local media recently, and we explain why.

As some of you may or may not know, Camp Hill has one of the two Olympic-standard Bobsleigh push start tracks in England which is pretty cool if you ask us! This means that we occasionally get professional Bobsleigh teams coming here to use the track to do some training.  Whilst the buzz of the Olympics is happening in Rio, it's VERY exciting to have a bit of Brazil sporting talent right here in this little part of North Yorkshire!

So as the World's most exciting and intense sporting competition is currently happening, it is a complete thrill to welcome the Bobsleigh team who have come all the way from Brazil to our little county! Former Bobsleigh World Champion, Nicola Minicello is training them here on Monday & Friday’s throughout the summer so we believe that they are in very safe hands as they get ready for this huge competition.

It’s like a scene from Cool Runnings with six determined men who have never seen snow, setting their sights on the ultimate prize. Happening right here, in Yorkshire in front of the TV cameras the Brazilian bobsleigh team are training for the world championships in Romania next month. And the next step for them is the Winter Olympics.

As the eyes of the world are on their home country for the Olympics, the national team, six-strong, are training on the bobsleigh track here at Camp Hill. This is where their coach Nicola Minichiello, from Sheffield, practiced in her own glory days. And, home to one of only two Olympic standard tracks in England, the estate is hosting the team for training - and push start practices.

Some of the bobsleigh team are very disadvantaged and live in poverty over in Brazil and while everyone has gone over there, they’ve left to come here but they will probably see more on the TV here than they would over in Brazil. Nicola hopes to give these guys the legacy they will need to bring them the belief that they can become professional competitors.

Amongst all of this excitement of the local media coming here to see the Brazilian Bobsleigh team training, we all still find it mind - boggling that the six-man squad – from Rio and Sao Paulo (where it hasn't snowed for 31 years) are determined to seriously challenge in the next Winter Olympics four-man bobsleigh competition.

Believe it or not, Bobsleigh pilot on the Brazilian Team, Edson Bindilatti, took up the sport after watching Cool Runnings, and he has said that the experience at Camp Hill and living in Yorkshire had been a complete contrast to the team's life in Brazil, where home life is difficult and the facilities and coaching are not as good. Moreover, Brakeman, Rafael Souza, who is from a Favela in Rio which is known for its drugs and gun crime, has said that since joining the team he has enjoyed waking up every morning to the sound of silence, rather than gunfire which is often the wake up alarm he hears over in Brazil.

So we at Camp Hill are extremely excited to be on ITV Calendar and BBC Look North tonight all because of the Brazilian bobsleigh team training here and we can't wait to watch everybody's interviews. We have absolutely loves having them here in this small part of North Yorkshire and we promise to continue following their journey towards the 2018 Winter Olympics and we will be bringing you along for the ride too!

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