Adventure Park Closed on 2nd July 2016
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Adventure Park Closed on 2nd July 2016

Yes that’s right folks, we are closed for one day, but it’s for a good reason…honest!

We are having one of our Corporate classic Family Fun Day’s! This is where businesses have the opportunity to use our venue to reward and motivate their staff with a fantastic fun filled day of mixed activities, bringing their colleagues and their families together for a wonderful shared experience.

With all of our activities on site, we are experts in compiling the perfect blend to suit all ages. From the very youngest to the oldest, we have all sorts to suit everyone which will mix hands on experience, arena displays, entertainers and rides. We pride ourselves on being able to cater for any group.

Food is an important part of the day – as usual! As the client on Saturday was given the many options to pick and choose from, so will any other corporate client who might be interested in a family fun day here at Camp Hill. Any business will have the choice of our in - house catering which can deliver anything you want for your big day. Or if you want to go a bit crazy, you can have a BBQ? A Hog Roast? Or even Festival Food Trailers? You name it, we can do it.

Our aim is to take all the work away from our clients which is why we know Saturday is going to be a huge success as we did exactly the same thing with the same client! We will be allowing them to fully enjoy the event itself rather than get bogged down in the running of the day. We have worked with them to make sure everything is just the way they want it, so that when the day arrives they can sit back and enjoy the activities - we’re taking care of the rest!

We have many different areas of the Estate for you to make use of, but most Company Fun Days involve taking the whole estate which is what our client is doing this Saturday! This is what we would recommend in order to make the event truly unique to you.

So we apologise again for any inconvenience that it may have caused for you by us being fully closed on Saturday, but we hope you can now fully understand why! And if this sounds like something you would like to do for your colleagues, why not give it a go! Just tell us what you want and we will sort out the rest...
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