Becoming a part of changing young people’s lives
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Becoming a part of changing young people’s lives

All about the first week of Challenge Camp with NCS!

Challenge Camp is the ‘Adventure Week’ part of the NCS programme that Camp Hill is looking after. We are taking on groups from across North Yorkshire where we will be providing them with a few days of some adrenaline-fuelled challenges like such as climbing, assault courses, navigation treks, team-building activities and much more. This week is all about getting to know new people in a completely new environment as well as learning new skills and learning how to work with others you have never met.

As part of the Challenge camp, our NCS groups will get to take part in an expedition which has been planned out by Camp Hill where they will have to find their way back from North Stainley to us here at Camp Hill! With only a map and their legs but no compass to help them, it will definitely be a challenge as they will have to learn to work as a team to use their feet to get back to base.

As well as the expedition part of Challenge Camp, NCS groups will get to take part in activities that will get them working as a team but also provide them with new found skills. They will be doing things such as The Climbing Wall Challenge, The Swing Bridge, The Traverse Course, Raft Build, Crashed Plane Rescue and much more to get these youngsters working together.

Today was of course the first day of Challenge Camp with our first group of the season and we have to say these guys have been brilliant! Lots of enthusiasm and support from all of them for their team members and it was great to see them smiling and cheering each other on. It proved to us yet again here at Camp Hill why we invite NCS here because they always show eagerness to prove to themselves that they can do anything and enjoy it all at the same time.

As you can see from the pictures below, the Climbing Wall challenge is not for the faint-hearted as it is really, really, REALLY big! And it takes a lot of courage to get up there and do your friends proud. Despite this, these teenagers proved to us that if you show support and help each other out, anyone can do it! Even the kids who were initially saying, ‘I AM NOT GOING UP THERE!’ ended up at the top of the wall and they couldn’t have been more chuffed with themselves!

So with the first day of Challenge Camp over with, it’s safe to say we are looking forward to welcoming the rest of our NCS groups to a week full of fun and adventure. Moreover, it makes us proud to think we are helping young people to develop some real adventure skills and learn how to work with people that they don’t know very well so they can go on to do bigger and better things in the future!

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