Footgolf in North Yorkshire
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Footgolf Yorkshire

Price: £5pp (We will look after your car keys whilst you play your game and return them upon the safe return of all the footballs)
*PLEASE NOTE Pre-payment of Footgolf does not include Free Entry into the Adventure Park


Try out the latest craze at The Camp Hill Estate – Footgolf!

If you don’t know, Footgolf is a lot like golf, but kicking a football around the course rather than hitting a golf ball. This is highly addictive, seriously competitive and super easy to play…. If you can kick a football, you can play Footgolf!

Our brand new 9 hole course (played twice for 18 holes) incorporates natural obstacles such as a pond and hedges to make things a little more interesting.

At £5 per person it is great value for money as well.

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The course is open daily throughout the holidays between 10am and 4pm (last tee off time) and also at weekends outside of school holidays.

Footgolf Yorkshire Footgolf Yorkshire


  • The ball must be kicked with the foot.
  • Tee off kicks must be played from behind the tee line.
  • After the competitors have started play on each hole, the ball farthest from the hole is played first.
  • The competitor with the lowest score at a hole takes the honour of teeing off at the next hole.
  • The ball must be played at rest and as it lies.
  • Only one ball must be in play at a time.
  • A player must not play a ball from a Water Hazard.
  • A ball on the putting green may be lifted and cleaned.
  • Before making a kick from anywhere on the course, the player may have the flagstick attended, removed or held up to indicate the position of the hole.
  • A player incurs a penalty of one kick if the ball is moved.
  • If a competitor kicks the wrong ball, they incur a penalty of two kicks.
  • If the player deems their ball to be unplayable, they have two options: taking a 1-kick penalty; take the ball within 3 meters of (and not nearer) the hole, OR return to the spot of the previous kick and play the ball again.
  • Keep pace with other groups in play, let other players pass if you fall behind.
Footgolf Yorkshire Footgolf Yorkshire