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Dubs in t’Dales Festival

Dubs in t’Dales Festival

PLEASE NOTE: the Camp Hill Estate is hosting the Dubs in t’Dales Festival this weekend, September 24 & 25. Unless you have pre-booked your activity, you will be charged the festival entry fee of £10 per adult & £2 per child (over 5 years) on the gate. You can pre-book all activities online.

Summer Success At Camp Hill

Summer is over, but the fun has only just begun!

Now that the school holidays are over, and things have become a little quieter on the Adventure Park, we can now reflect on how the summer season has been for us here at Camp Hill. The six week holidays are usually our busiest time of the year just like many other companies who provide activities that can only be done in the Great Outdoors. This means that we are easily able to measure our success as we compare it to the summer seasons in the past and how we have done in comparison to them.


Saying Goodbye to our Resident Athletes

The Brazilian Bobsleigh Team make their way to the World Championships

As you all know, it's been a very exciting eight weeks here at Camp Hill as we have had the Brazilian Bobsleigh Team using the Bobsleigh Push-start track that we have here for training. Yesterday was their last day of training here in North Yorkshire and so they will be making their way to Romania for the Bobsleigh & Skeleton World Push Championships 2016 this week! Even though this is of course very exciting for these guys, we are of course sad to see them go and we just can't wait to find out how they progress over the next two years.

ITV and BBC come to Camp Hill

We have been the centre of local media recently, and we explain why.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here at Camp Hill where we have had different media sources ringing us every other day asking if they can come along and see how and why the Brazilian Bobsleigh team are here in this small part of North Yorkshire. The boys are not used to all of this attention either as over in Brazil, there is very little focus on sport and as much as we have loved having the likes of the BBC and ITV here at Camp Hill, the Brazilian bobsleigh team are the ones who have truly appreciated it.

Becoming The Centre of Attention

How we made it to National Media

It's been very exciting here at Camp Hill over the last two weeks having the Brazilian Bobsleigh Team training here. As some of you may already know, we have become the centre of attention with the local press and we really were not expecting to make it onto national radio, and we don't think that the Brazilian Bobsleigh Team were either!!