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Creating fun adventures for over 20 years

    It’s all just PURE fun!

    When one of our clients showed us how much fun you can have with team-building!

    • Posted On: 1 July 2016
    On Saturday 25th June we had Pure Data Solutions who are an IT solutions service provider based in Leeds come to us for a day of team building. When they arrived in the morning the sun was shining for them and they were clearly all raring to go as soon as they landed at Camp Hill. It wasn’t until a few days after they had been, that we realised just how much of a great time they had with us.

    Adventure Park Closed on 2nd July 2016

    Yes that’s right folks, we are closed for one day, but it’s for a good reason…honest!

    • Posted On: 28 June 2016

    As we are getting geared up for the summer and the busy season here at Camp Hill, you would probably want to know why we have decided to close for a whole Saturday to the general public? Well… it may seem very strange for a business to do such a thing when we love to welcome new customers each weekend. Read below and we will explain EXACTLY what is going on as we believe honesty is the best policy.

    Broadcasting Camp Hill Adventure Park

    That's right, we are going to be on the radio!

    • Posted On: 24 June 2016

    So we have some very exciting news to share with you all, we are going to be on the radio! Okay so it is only a short interview on the local radio station, Stray FM but it is is pretty big news for us here at Camp Hill and we are very excited! The interview is all about the Adventure Park and what you can expect when you come to Camp Hill so you will get a good feel of what we offer before you come along to visit us!

    Becoming a part of changing young people’s lives

    All about the first week of Challenge Camp with NCS!

    • Posted On: 23 June 2016
    So most of you have probably heard about NCS and what it is all about. No? Well NCS is the National Citizenship Service is a British voluntary personal and social development programme for 16- and 17-year-olds in England and Northern Ireland. It is four weeks of learning new skills, meeting new friends, developing as a person and becoming more confident in what you might want to do in the future. It all starts with the ‘Adventure Week’ and that is where we come in!

    School’s out for the summer!

    Where Camp Hill gives kids a break from the classroom that they won’t forget.

    • Posted On: 16 June 2016
    The summer holidays are nearly here and so kids are getting geared up for their well-earned break after another busy academic year. Exams are almost over and so it’s time to think of ways to celebrate now that there is no more studying or revision to be done and Camp Hill might just be the place for your school to show them how much you appreciate their hard work.