When Team Building takes you as high as the sky
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Creating fun adventures for over 20 years

When Team Building takes you as high as the sky

Corporate team building activities at Camp Hill will always give you and your colleagues something to remember

It's the first day of June and you would think by now we would be sweltering away in our offices looking out of the window wishing we could have some fun in the sun. Instead, we are actually all just sitting and shivering in our offices wondering when the summer will begin and if we can save some money on the office heating bills! 

Here at Camp Hill we can promise that a morning, an afternoon, a day or a few days away from the office with your colleagues will prove to be a lot of fun no matter what the weather is doing. Whether you are wet through with sweat after doing adrenalin-filled activities such as the High Ropes Course or Blindfold Driving or wet through and muddy from doing a Quad Bike Trek or the the Gemini Buggy's, it will be well worth it either way!

Sometimes having team meetings are just not quite enough to bring everyone together in the office and can only do so much to get you and your staff working better as a group. A completely new environment, some fresh air and activities that are catered around your business needs will have you all going back to the office feeling more enthusiastic about the working environment.

We have experience with businesses of all kinds of sizes and types. Whether you are a motor company or a garden centre, we can provide first class events based on genuine knowledge and trust. Camp Hill leads the way in delivering a unique combination of fun and learning in the events we deliver. We operate all our own activities and equipment, allowing for complete flexibility and choice, both throughout the planning stage and on the day of the event itself. 

Zenith and Sytner are a perfect example of this as you can see from the pictures below where they took part in one of our most popular Team Building activities, The Crate Build Challenge, something that really does get you to put your heads together and complete the challenge on a high note.

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