A picnic in the park on a whole new level
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A picnic in the park on a whole new level

Introducing you to our Woodland Kingdom

When you hear or read the words Woodland Kingdom, what does it make you imagine? Is it dens, playhouses and an area for shelter building, Is it picnic tables and with their own BBQ areas? Is it playhouses, a giant treehouse fort with slides, places to hid and play, monkey nets, swings, a low ropes course, climbing walls?

If you can imagine all of those things, then that is exactly what you and the rest of the family can expect to experience when you come to visit Camp Hill's Woodland Kingdom. Nestled in a woodland area away from it all, this really is a special place where you can create memories and allow the wee ones to spread out and have a lot of fun within one secluded area.

As we all wish for some sunshine over the half term, it's the perfect place to let the kids run around whilst you sit back and let the BBQ cook away as they work up an appetite having a go on the low ropes course and hiding underneath the treehouse fort that is the central point to this enchanting place.

This is not just your average 'picnic in the park' where there is usually just a wide open space to put a blanket down and let the kids create their own fun. The Woodland Kingdom will keep them entertained for hours where they can feel like either the King or the Queen of the castle as they climb to the top of the fort and let their imaginations run wild! 

You will not find another Woodland Kingdom anywhere else in the UK which is exactly what it says on the tin. As the scent of wood and clean North Yorkshire air surrounds you, it will make you and the kids want to keep coming back for more. 

On a sunny day, you won't even have to worry about the kids getting burnt as the trees provide shelter from those harmful UV rays but just enough sunshine comes through the branches and leaves to turn this place into somewhere magical. They won't be able to stop smiling as they feel like Tarzan swinging or like a superhero as they climb all over the low ropes course.

Let's face it, kids love to create their own worlds and have somewhere to escape to and this really is the place for them to do it! With so many different things for them to get involved with and try that might not have done before, it will give them a new boost of confidence and give them that sense of adventure that you won't find anywhere else.

The Woodland Kingdom at Camp Hill is the place to be whether you are 4 or 44. Even if you are not a particularly outdoorsy family, you will be able to feel at one with nature without stepping too far out of your comfort zones. So this week, come and give it a try and let your little prince or princess feel like they rule their own kingdom.

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