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Activities and Packages


We have a wide range of thrilling activities on offer for groups so you can design your own day and
make it into a great send-off for the Stag or Hen!
All Prices for individual activities are based on:
- A minimum group size of 10
- A minimum of 2 activities, one of which must be from the first 6 activities listed
If your group is smaller than 10, we can still build you an activity package but the price
will be different to those shown.
Activities range in price from £20 per person per activity - £60 per person per activity
Prices include all activities, instructors and insurance.

Clay Pigeon Shooting - Shoot as many clays        Rage Buggy Time Trials - 360 degree spins 
as you can to win points for you team. mud!          and lots of them! Can your team remain cool?

Powerturns - Wild machines with 2 engines,         Quad Bike Safari - A cross- country trek
two seats and NO STEERING WHEEL!                          that is good fun for all of the team!

Segways -
These two wheel transporters are        Gemini Buggys - Lots of over-steer make 
fast, fun and a great activity!                                         these karts great fun! You will run on enduro!

Pro-Spec Rifle Shooting - top of the range           Archery - Who has the best aim and who can
pre-charged Pro-Spec air rifle with a wide              score the highest? Very competitive!
variety of targets to shoot at.                                       

Crossbow - We can take you back to the                 Blindfold Driving - The driver of the Mule
middle ages with these specialist weapons            is blindfolded and has to negotiate a course 
that are fun to compete with.                                        with the help of a friend. Frustrating but fun!

Bobsleigh Push - One of a kind! The                          Crashed Plane Rescue Mission - A plane's
official dry-run training track for Olympians.          crashed into an island. Your team must
Lots of Team Power required!                                        rescue the pilot before it's too late!

Gun Run - You, your friends and the gun                 Climbing Wall - A big challenge whether you 
limbers have to get over and under the                    are an experienced rock climber or a            
obstacles. A challenging but fun task!                       complete novice! Great fun for all!        

Crate Build - Build the highest possible                   Assault Course - With swinging logs, ropes,
tower using beer crates whilst suspended               vines, scramble nets a burma bridge and
from a forest canopy.                                                         much more with fun challenges to try.

Leap of Faith - Climb to the top of a 35ft                  Sky Walk and Zip Wire - Clamber up the 40ft 
telegraph pole and leap into the unknown              wall to a wobbly plank bridge and then
to grab a buoy 2ft from you.                                            launch onto our 575ft MegaZip!

Activity Packages

Choose from one of our Great Value Activity Packages if you have a group size of 10 or more.