Silver Activities

Archery, Crossbow shooting or rifles (Choose one) - £40pp

With the sole aim of converting you into budding marksmen, our Master Archer will be there to pass on his expert knowledge, ensuring you’ll be hitting the gold time after time. Look out for a few novelty targets such as water filled balloons for bonus points!

Bobsleigh Push Start - £35pp

One of its kind! The official dry training track for the Olympians. With top class coaching, teams push a 2 or 4-man ‘Bob’ for the fastest time of the day. Requires controlled aggression, team power and co-ordinated speed. Something truly unique. Great fun and highly competitive.

Aerial Extreme tree top adventure - £26pp

Aerial Extreme is a high-adrenaline tree top, adventure ropes course that brings together the buzz of a theme park ride, with outdoor adventure. Experience true excitement as you climb to the forest canopy and trek through the trees from platform to platform traversing rope bridges, wobbly logs, scramble nets and zip slides culminating in the unique Sky Walk and 50 ft Para-Descent back to Earth.