Bronze Activities

£20 per person per activity

Climbing Wall Challenge

Whether you are an experienced rock climber or complete novice, why not try this spectacular discipline on our 40ft outdoor wall - one of the tallest in the UK. Exceed your expectations by climbing up to the top, or just as high as you can. The wall can accommodate six people climbing at any one time on both vertical and inclined slopes.

The Leap of Faith

Step into the unknown for a real adrenalin rush. Try climbing up to the top of a 35ft telegraph pole, standing on a platform no larger than 1ft square and leaping for a (just in reach) buoy!

Assault Course

A real test of strength, agility and team work to successfully complete our low ropes assault course. To make things more difficult we make you transport various items across the course such as buckets of water or logs.~

Crashed Plane Rescue Mission

A plane has crash landed in the middle of an island and there is an unexploded bomb! Everyone on the island has to get off – this is a race against the ticking time bomb and against the team on the other side of the island! This activity utilises a real aeroplane and has a 12ft deep moat to negotiate - a one of a kind experience, unique to Camp Hill.

Gun Run

The team complete an obstacle course with wooden replica Field Guns and limbers, breaking down the guns where necessary to complete each section. There may be a limbo to get under, a high bar to get over, a narrow gate to get through, or a slalom to negotiate. Not only does the gun and its components have to get under or over the obstacles, but so do the team members! An exercise which relies on the team to plan, communicate, support and work together.