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NEW FOR 2017: Bush Craft!

Get back to basics, with den building, fire making, Bush Tucker Trials, Foraging, Scavenger Hunting and more! Learn new skills by doing scenario based activities that require both team work and thinking outside the box to overcome obstacles. Allow your team to develop their self confidence and encourage group participation in a fun, yet challenging way.

Bush craft team building Yorkshire     Bush craft team building Yorkshire

Our Activities and Events

Archery - Can you consistently hit the Bullseye   Blindfold Driving - The driver is blindfolded
and record the highest team score for the day?    and has to negotiate a course with help from
                                                                                                    their team mate.                                      
Archery team building yorkshire    Blindfold Driving team building Yorkshire

Bobsleigh Push-Start - Use an official dry             Clay Pigeon Shooting - Shoot as many clays 
training track and push as a 2 or 4-man                   as you can to win points for you team.
'Bob' for the fastest time of the day!
Bobsleigh Team Building Yorkshire     Clay Pigeon Shooting Team building Yorkshire

Climbing & Abseil Wall - Take on the                      Crashed Plane Rescue Mission - A plane's 
challenge of climbing the 40ft wall                            crashed into an island. Your team must rescue
Impress your team mates and give it a go.             the pilot before it's too late!
Climbing wall team building Yorkshire     Crashed plane rescue mission team building Yorkshire

Crate Build - Build the highest possible                   Floodwaters - Your teams have been
tower using crates whilst suspended                         stranded on opposite sides of a lake, can
from a forest canopy!                                                        you get the vital information across?
Crate Build team building Yorkshire      Swing bridge team building Yorkshire  

Footgolf - This is exactly how it sounds                    Gemini Tracks - Lots of over-steer make these
(a mixture of golf and football!).                                  karts great fun! Teams will run on enduro!
Footgolf team building Yorkshire       Gemini buggy Team building Yorkshire

Gun Run - An obstacle course with field                   High Ropes Course - Fancy yourself a bit 
guns and limbers, teams breaking down                  of a Tarzan? Take on 30 obstacles for some
the guns where necessary.                                              fun high ropes action.
Gun Run       High Ropes Course

Leap Of Faith - Climb to the top of a 35ft                Minefield - Half of the team are stranded on
telegraph pole and leap into the unknown             the other side of a minefield, you must rescue
to grab a buoy a couple of feet from you.                them using two planks of wood!
Leap of Faith       Minefield

Mohawk Walk - Can your team complete the          Nuclear Fuel Rods - Insert the fuel rods into
section of wires without touching the ground?         the correct holes!
Mowhawk Walk       Nuclear Fuel Rods

Nuclear Waste - Lift the container of waste and    Orienteering - An oldy but a goody! Using
deposit it in a safe housing whilst blindfolded.       navigational skills, a map and a compass
Team communication is a must for this task!           navigate. The fastest team wins!
Nuclear Waste       Orienteering

Powerturns - Wild machines with two engines,     Quad Bike Safari - A cross- country trek
two seats and NO STEERING WHEEL!                           that is good fun for all of the team!
Can you control the car and... your partner?
Powerturns     Quad Biking

Raft Build - Using the equipment provided,            Rage Buggy - 360 degree spins and lots of
you and the team have to build a raft and get         mud! Can your team remain cool, calm and
across to the other side of the moat water.               collected?
Raft Build      Rage Buggy

Segways - These two wheel transporters are         Skywalk and Zip Wire - Clamber up the 40ft
fast, fun and a great team activity!                              wall to a wobbly wooden plank bridge and then
                                                                                                    launch onto our 575ft MegaZip!
Segways     Sky walk

Swing Bridge - Using Barrels, planks and a tyre     Traverse - With swinging logs, parallel ropes
suspended from the trees, your team has to be       vines, scramble nets, a burma bridge and
transported above the woodland floor.                       much more, it will test your team!
Swing Bridge